Acrylic floor coating application

Court Patch Binder: Repair material. It is used by mixing with cement and quartz sand. It is a strong and flexible material used for repair work and fillings on asphalt.

Acrylic Resurfacer: It is an acrylic-based bituminous material. It is mixed with quartz sand and applied as the first layer on the asphalt floor. It serves to close the pores of the asphalt and to ensure that other materials to be put on it adhere better to the floor.

Base Coat: Thick “cushion” – suspension material. Thanks to the millions of rubber particles inside, it provides thickness and suspension to the floor.

Cushion: Relatively thin “cushion” – suspension material. It provides additional suspension as it fills between thick materials.

Color: Acrylic-based color material that is immune to external factors. The first two layers are used together with the above primer, the last layer is applied as polishing material. Thanks to its very strong formula, it is not affected by weather conditions and preserves its color quality for many years.

White Line Paint: It is a white acrylic based line paint that is resistant to external factors.

All the aforementioned materials are acrylic-based and can be used for many years without being affected by weather conditions as they become completely impermeable after drying. Such a well-made floor will serve at least 5-6 years without any deterioration, but it is necessary to use the amount of material that meets the factory specification for each floor. This material is the thickest and highest quality of such materials available in the market. These materials can be used successfully in basketball, volleyball, and multi-purpose fields thanks to the suspension they provide.


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