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About Us


Attack Sport We are honored to share our knowledge and experience of over 18 years of sports equipment with our valued customers. Our products are manufactured with superior technology and rigor and evaluated by our quality control teams and they are offered for sale after being determined to be suitable for sale. After many years of supply, we have been manufacturing important sports equipment for our company and we are one of the few companies that have achieved success in this short period.

Since the day we were established, we have specialized staff in the production of sports nets and many sports equipment. After the sale, we do not end our relationship with the customer and our necessary information and assistance service continues until our customers reach a hundred percent satisfaction level.

Although the brand has come a long way in sports, it continues its international R & D studies like the first day. According to the research results, it is necessary to provide the training materials necessary for the development of all sports branches for the development of the athletes who will add success to our country. We will continue to walk together with our valued customers and will continue with great enthusiasm and determination to be the supporters of the successes and good memories to be shared.

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Attack Sport is Turkey's leading sports products company, whether it be from sports shoes to textiles, production, or supply of wholesale sports equipment.

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