Tatami Cushion


Characteristics of Tatami Cushion;

Tatami Floor Cushion 13 mm 50cmX50cm.Free, Easy to install, remove, clean.

The tatami cushions are tightly connected to each other and easily removed and transported when necessary. It does not absorb water and does not smell. Easily cleaned, washable with water and soap. Provides heat and sound insulation. Dielectric. Despite its softness, it is not slippery. Resistant to abrasion.

Children’s play rooms, indoor playrooms, and halls, kindergartens, kindergartens and kindergartens, Far East sports centers, taekwondo competition mat, karate competition tatami mat, judo competition court, indoor gyms, physical rehabilitation centers, fitness and health clubs (step, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Bodybuilding Salons), balconies and terraces.

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