Durable, Flexible, Resistant to UV rays, Waterproof, Aesthetic, Matte or Glossy surface, Paintable, Maintenance-free, Very long-lasting, Non-slip, Antibacterial, Antistatic, Easy to repair

They are high-tech products developed for coated sports fields. PVC products are the most preferred sports field coating type today, thanks to their resistance to abrasion and chemicals in indoor areas and adaptation to environmental properties. These products can be produced in different surface structures for economic and different sports branches The coatings are produced in the factory environment at optimum values and the surface is like a roll reinforced with extra pure PVC. Therefore, PVC products are useful coatings that do not cause any costs related to use in the future. It should adhere to acrylic-based glue.


Fields of Application;

Indoor court floors such as Volleyball Court, Basketball Courts, Badmington Courts, Multi-Purpose Indoor Sports Fields, Handball, etc., All indoor surfaces that are required to be flexible and acoustic


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