How Should a Basketball Court Be?

It is a branch of sports which is the most exerting sport among other sports and it is known it extends the height of the children at developmental age. There are certain rules for how a basketball court should be. Indoor sports halls are the generally same type and the same rules apply. The only thing that changes in basketball courts is the size, design, and colors. The answer to the question of how a basketball court should be is usually the same. The size of the basketball court must be 28×15. There are also different types of a basketball field. The basketball field to be used in the outdoor is usually applied on the asphalt with acrylic flooring. Another common kind is EPDM tartan floor on concrete and asphalt. When installing a basketball field, it is necessary to find people who do the quality and the job well. The basketball fields in the indoor and outdoor areas are different from each other and the construction is different. It is necessary to determine the extent of the court to be made in the outdoor basketball fields and decide what will be surface.


How to Construct A Basketball Court?

Different products are used in outdoor and indoor areas. The shape and model of the field are laid out in the outdoor basketball field construction. Lightings are placed in the areas where the area is determined to receive light and electrical connections are made. The field lines are drawn and brought to a ready position. In the construction of the indoor basketball court, the floor is generally preferred as a parquet floor. Indoor courts’ subbase is the same as the outdoor courts. The roof is mostly covered with PVC, Tarpaulin, etc. Basketball courts are almost everywhere. In a gym where we go, we can see the basketball court in the social facilities of the housing estate we live in, the schools, and the municipality. In the basketball fields, the floor must be slightly soft so that the athlete can avoid injury when fall.


Basketball Court Flooring Types


The basketball court floor coverings made of many different materials will have a more reliable and longer-lasting structure with the materials and quality applied by the ATTACK SPORTS brand.


Polyurethane flooring

Parquet flooring

Rubber flooring

PVC flooring

With this flooring, ATTACK SPORTS will give you the best performance and price and help you choose the desired color and design.

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