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  • Sport is no longer the same as it used to be. It is no longer confined to specialization in some sports only. Many activities have emerged as hobbies and sports. Sometimes people do not want to join sports to sweat or keep fit only, but to have a rest from their lives and to empty minds too.
  • People who are interested in sport branches that require effort such as basketball, volleyball, football and tennis begin to evolve from childhood and continue to develop until reaching professionalism in some cases. Basketball is defined as a sport where parents register their children because they are tall, or it may be up to child's desire too.
  • Is it true that basketball helps to increase height?
    This question is still controversial. Children who start basketball during early childhood begin to develop at an early age while continuing to develop themselves and their muscles faster and reach a good degree of professionalism in this game.
  • Those who start basketball must also have some special equipment. As it is a demanding sport, it is important for us to have all of its equipment so as not to hurt our bodies. If we ask what are basketball equipment, we can say that there is a lot of equipment. These include: thumb band, wrist band, safety harness, waist belt, elbow brace, knee pad, shoulder band.
  • When the ball hits hard or while falling on the ground, these ligaments and stents protect against us from being injured.
    • All these basketball equipment can be obtained from IZOL sport company.
    • In addition to basketball equipment, uniforms are also available.
  • You can order basketball jerseys with your own name, and you can order a special jersey to surprise your children. Since 2006, IZOL sport offers sport equipment and jerseys. Sports basketball equipment protects against injuries when falling or colliding hard with someone on the field.
  • If we do not use special support equipment while playing basketball, we may not be feel the injury directly, but later we might be obliged to take long-term precautions because of an injury that is not apparent. If we have all the protective equipment, we can reduce the severity of injuries and prevent the cause of permanent and long-term damage. In addition to the availability of basketball equipment in IZOL sport, main equipment for basketball are also available.
  • For those who wish to build basketball columns in their homes, their own educational centers, their schools or their sports halls, IZOL sport provides them with a basketball ring with a pole, glass board and balls. A high self-confident brand of its designs can produce the design you want.

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