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Our business is an artificial grass company manufacturing all three types based on high quality synthetic fiber materials and high-level technologies. These fibers are usually called synthetic turfs. We manufacture synthetic turfs in Turkey by our modern automatic weaving machines using high tech systems and programs operated by our experienced staff.

Best Artificial Gras

The raw materials for synthetic turf production are categorized as PP, PE, PA yarns. They are all UV-resistant, durable and flexible materials. Latex backing clothes are preferred materials for the bottom layer of fake grass due to their environmentally-friendly structure. Our products are convenient for both commercial uses in sports and recreation fields as well as at residential lawns and for urban landscaping


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Attack Sport®

Attack Sport artificial grasses can be used for years due to having special structure for any weather conditions.
  • Popular Types of Artificial Grass
    #Syntheticgrass has become widely popular in #sportsfieldflooring and #landscaping due to its low cost and long-lasting maintenance. Increasing demand in the sector has created various types of artificial grass products.
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  • The most durable synthetic turf types we manufacture are fibrillated and monofilament yarns. The specific manufacturing items below are characterized by these two types of yarns as well as their color and sand filled specifications:
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  • Fibrillated and Monofilament Yarns
    Fibrillated yarns support high standards of play and longevity for the life cycle of the pitch or the court. Smaller training areas exposed to regular and intensive use benefit from the advantages of fibrillated yarns.
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  • They are the best for facilities with intensive use. Our fibrillated yarns have higher UV-resistance and have no hazard heavy metal elements. Furthermore, fibrillated grass meets the expectancy of aesthetics by creating various shades of green to create more natural appearance as well as keeping tuft lock of fibers by reducing rubber splash even after years of intensive use. They effectively reduce the shock to the joints and ankles preventing athletes’ injuries.
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  • Monofilament artificial #artificialgrass is produced by direct spinning and continuous filaments. Therefore it doesn’t change shape by active use. It causes no compaction problems as it is manufactured by more recent technologies.
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  • Monofilament has more natural grass look and may appear in different green color tones. Monofilament lawns have the advantage of durability. For maintenance of this type of synthetic grass, you need to redistribute the sand periodically to make it looser and more homogeneous.
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The specific manufacturing items below are characterized by these two types of yarns as well as their color and sand filled specifications:

  1. Duo Grass : Fibrillated type of turf with two colors and sand infill
  2. Advantage : Monofilament with two colors and sand infill
  3. V-Power Grass: V-shaped monofilament turf
  4. Non-Infill: Easy to use in sports flooring
  5. Landscape Grass: Artificial turf for residential gardens and balconies


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