Artificial Grass Turkey Prices

In the World, there are more than 100 synthetic turf manufacturers. And, as you can guess lots of the manufacturers are placed in Asia and the most famous one is placed in Europe. Depending on these, there are lots of different price ranges for synthetic turf prices all over the World.


The price of the artificial grass changes according to the grass carpet’s thickness and weight of the carpet. If the thickness and weights are increase, the installation cost of synthetic turf is increasing. İt means it will be more expensive. There are other indicators to affect the synthetic turf prices such as the quality of dtex of the yarn. If the dtex sizes are increases the grass carpet price will be increased.


The thickness of grass carpet generally ranged from 7mm to 65mm. And the grass carpet weight is generally ranged from 850gr to 4500gr. On the other side, Dtex ranged from 5500 Dtex to 18500 Dtex. Attack sports can construct and install all types of thicknesses and weights and Dtexs for you.


There is another factor which is affected the synthetic turf prices that the sports field grass type certificated FIFA or not. Or did the grass type pass all the required tests before taking FIFA certification? Generally, the synthetic grass producers request Minumum %30 more prices than another standard synthetic grass carpet. Please call Attack Sports for getting information about the prices.


The carpet field prices


Astroturf prices are affected by many factors. Such as; the thickness of the grass, the number of stitches per square meter, weight, and type of the grass, the size of the project, and sub materials of the grass carpet.


Attack Sports has all of the astroturf prices according to their features.

The sub-base factor is another important factor affecting the prices of astro turf.

The infrastructure can be compacted hard surface, concrete, or asphalt.

Lots of people think that the infrastructure of the compacted hard base is cheaper than the other ones. After the required slopes are done towards the drainage canals, the felt materials will be laid. Another step is the laying astroturf with joint tape and glue. Attack sports present to you not only economic and cheap astroturf prices, but we also serve you a quality grass concerning their competitors in the World.


Later than the construction of felt and grass, with special machines the sand and granule are laid to the astroturf surfaces, or in some conditions, they are laid by shovels and brushed with hard brushes if the area is small. Attack sports interested in all your problems and they send you also supervisors and technicians according to your project size. There must be at least 4-5 assistants for the technicians to help at the project area to carry the rolls.

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